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free dental care - nationwide

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Another great list!!! Great Job! :-)
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Just wanted to give an updated link for the IU School of Dentistry since the one in your State list is not working. Hope this helps someone :)

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Hi! My name is Bruce Woods and I live in Jacksonville, Fl 32210.  I am a disabled veteran who can not work and I need free dental help.  The dental  work I recieved when I was in the military and as a child is falling out  at a rapid pace.  I'm a veteran, but my percentage of disability to not qualify for free dental from the VA.  I am in the wheel chair 80% of the time and have limited usage of my hands.  I would appreciate any help.  My number is (904)710-3265 and my email address is (  I hope someone can help.  Thanks in advance.


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hello  my name is bobby  i am 42 years of age.  i am  unemployed at the moment ,  laid off  i just move to rhode island from texas  am trying to find work but it has been very difficult  I  was just wondering where i might be able to find some  dentist   to  pull  the rest  of my  teeth for me  i have approximitly 8  on  the bottom  and  three  on top  i havent smiled  real smile in years due to  my tooth decay    my mother had a calcium  defficioncy  or how ever you spell it, and  I  started losing teeth  at  an early age i would so love to find out  where  i may  find some help  for free  i would love to get dentures   and be able to smile again  any  help    or  suggestions  would be greatly appreciated  god  bless  each  and every  one  you  for   your help  thank  you sincerly  bobby   east providence  rhode island

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 in response to esther51...   

Dear Esther51~

You are an incredibly beautiful woman.  I have read your posts and I thank you for your kind words.

I did find some clinical trials specializing in barrett's esophogus in california- that may be of interest to you.  

As for the dental care - that is much more difficult. What I can suggest is this: I have the new dentist make a report on his findings and take it back to the original dentist who made the dentures. See if they can adjust the dentures to fit properly. Yea, I know it is a long shot but it might be worth a try. Tell them you cannot wear them because they do not fit properly and never have. If you can at least get the top to fit - you will feel a LOT better. 

One other thing I can suggest is PROSPER - it is a person to person loan site - which may be helpful instead of going through a bank. HOWEVER the interest rate may be higher, but you may have a better chance of getting approved. 

Also have you checked into dental schools in your area? While I have never had any work done by them, some people have referred others to them - perhaps they can do a portion of the work... while a specialist does the rest. 

 I did a quick check and found the DEREN KOLIGAN CARE CENTER

Not only do they have a dental clinic , but they also have a GERD clinic that may be able to help with your Barrett's esophogus  - it is right in fresno as well... I hope this helps..

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God bless you for all your research, I still haven't found help yet, but Im not giving up, and I refuse to lost hope, if I didn't have a God in my life. I would have given up, if you have time you can read my very long post, and about me, I'm still new to this so I get confused if the abot me is suppose be a brief thing, and then the posts are the problems/help to give or get to others...  anyway  the picture of me on my profile is me putting on a happy face with my top dentures, I won't go into  details..   

I just wanted to say thank you, and God bless you and all those on this wonderful site, just seeing everyone trying to help each other, puts a smile on my face... have a blessed weekend.                 Kat

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lotsa great info.......thanx !